Purity Salmon
As pure as it gets. Our premium brand of carefully selected salmon, fully traceable, sustainable and without additives.


Nothing is more important than food safety

At Vega Salmon hygiene is the first and foremost concern. Our value chain and all processes are designed to ensure the highest level of food safety, and our dedicated QA department monitors conditions from minute to minute.

Nothing is left to chance.

Quality control

  • Entry control
  • In process control
  • Stock and exit control

Our unique
listeria programme

Listeria is a challenge for all salmon manufacturers. We have introduced an innovative anti-listeria approach which replaces the traditional use of preservatives and stabilisers with radical preventive measures:

  • A new factory (2012) designed for the highest level of hygiene
  • Extreme focus on daily cleaning and cleaning inspection
  • Intensive testing programme for listeria in raw material, products and the environment

The production is physically separated in three hygiene zones with sluices, control of staff, colour coded working clothes and more.

Due to our program we can offer a very high level of food safety. To prevent contaminated products reaching the markets, we are analyzing every single production batch and in total more than 10.000 samples yearly for Listeria monocytogenes at an external accredited lab. Naturally, all test results are open to customers and authorities
Jacob Tidemand, Chief Quality Officer


Inspection of
raw material

We only buy raw salmon from approved suppliers, mainly in Norway.

  • The raw salmon is transported iced in poly-boxes to our Handewitt factory
  • Every delivery is taken through quality inspection (freshness, micro organisms, physical) before it enters production
  • Registration with lot number system in order to track the salmon through the production process

We give weekly quality feedback to our suppliers, and we continuously evaluate their ability to deliver according to our standards. Once or twice a year we audit salmon farms and harvest stations, where we among many other things inspect their feeding and harvesting practices and how they control quality.

Our Quality
Assurance Department

At our Handewitt factory five quality experts are employed. They work in our lab and production to support quality, hygiene and improvement projects. They are supported by 8-10 quality controllers who are constantly checking that processes run according to standards. 

Training of all personnel
New employees are trained in Vega Salmon’s hygiene politics and production methods in accordance with international food safety standards. All employees regularly attend relevant hygiene courses.


Delivering fresh salmon requires an effective logistics setup. We work with the very best forwarding companies in the world, as we cannot afford to take risks with quality and freshness.

Time is everything
No matter what the best way of transportation may be, we can always deliver. Our factory is located near modern and efficient airports, roads, ports and railroads and our forwarding specialists work intensely to find the optimal solution in each case.