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Cleaning in the DNA


At Vega it is considered a matter of course to keep the production facilities totally clean at all times. So obviously Vega operates with very high demands in terms of cleaning. Nothing special about that – that’s what you would expect a food supplier to do. But what is special – and all unique for Vega – is the way Vega manage the inspection of the cleaning; a job, which is just as important (if not even more) as the cleaning itself.

Meet Gabi aka “inspector bacteria”
With Vegas zero-tolerance-policy to bacteria, being the one in charge of the cleaning inspection, is quite a demanding job. It takes some detective skills. Luckily, at Vega, they found a person, which is perfectly suitable for the job – a real “inspector bacteria”. Her name is Gabi. And some may say, that she is kind of a control freak. Well… let’s just say, that’s not an exaggeration.

But luckily for Gabi (and for Vega even more), extreme control is exactly, what is needed to be able to manage Vegas cleaning inspection with success. So that’s why Gabi was hired as the Laboratory Manager.

Special morning inspection
With Gabi onboard, Vega has managed to develop a unique method to keep constant control with the cleanliness, all the way through the process of handling the salmon: Every morning Gabi, or one of her colleagues, does a morning cleaning inspection, and it is this “morning tour” that is so special for Vega. And to make you understand, what’s so unique about it, why don’t you join Gabi on one of her daily morning cleaning inspections in the video below? 

Have fun – and remember to clean your hands. Gabi has a special sixth sense in terms of spotting bacteria!

Join the Vega Salmon morning cleaning inspection with Gabi here:

Vega Salmon morning cleaning inspection with Gabi

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