Purity Salmon
As pure as it gets. Our premium brand of carefully selected salmon, fully traceable, sustainable and without additives.


Taking the high road in search for quality

Changing the game

Vega Salmon was established in 2004. Back then, the fish processing industry was mostly competing on price, and cost cutting was the name of the game. Quality, food safety and sustainability were buzzwords, which seldom made it to the cooling disks, as price concerns dominated.

We quickly realised that the game needed to change. Consumers were becoming more demanding about quality and food safety, and the world needed a more gentle way to produce food. So, we set out to find a way to deliver better quality in a sustainable way while maintaining competitive cost levels.

The answer was to combine the latest technology with lean production principles. We designed a unique, new processing facility in Handewitt, Germany, which was to become one of the most advanced fish processing factories in the world.

In 2012 the new factory was ready, and we could take Vega Salmon to the next level.

Today, we are able to provide quality and uniqueness in all aspects and to create value in all stages. Our aim is to be the best and most relevant salmon partner – an active contributor to our customers’ business and future development.
Jakob Graasbøll Enemark, CEO

Between the Nordic fish resources and a hungry world

With our locations in southern Denmark and northern Germany, Vega Salmon is perfectly placed between Atlantic fish farms and the cooling disks all over the world.

The transportation of fresh fish from farmers to our processing facility takes only few days, and after processing, the finished products can easily be shipped by road, sea or air to the rest of the world thanks to the advanced infrastructure in our region.

Furthermore, our quality experts are only a short flight away from the primary sources of our fish. This makes it easier for us to monitor farming and harvesting processes and to collaborate with our suppliers about improvements with regard to quality, food safety and sustainability.

Our manifesto

Salmon is one of nature’s diamonds, if you ask us. So rich in natural taste and vital nutritional elements. But only if handled carefully and expertly from sea to serving.

We are a global manufacturer of quality salmon. Not the biggest, but always trying to be the best, most agile, flexible and competitive – and a genuine partner for profit.

We are here to create value and help you succeed in your market. We contribute to drive market development and to set new standards for consumption of salmon. Our products, recipes and packaging are constantly undergoing innovation based on the latest research in consumer trends.

We live by a zero tolerance policy in terms of farming, food safety, sustainability and quality. We are proud of being able to assure our customers and end-users, that our salmon is closer to nature in all aspects.