Purity Salmon
As pure as it gets. Our premium brand of carefully selected salmon, fully traceable, sustainable and without additives.


Vega Salmon's new energy team

Taking Vega to the next level - Closer to nature

At Vega Salmon we are continuously focusing on improving our processes for better quality, higher throughput and lower cost.

As part of our journey we have established a new team focusing on improving our energy consumption, bringing Vega Salmon Closer To Nature. 

As the picture shows the team will wear a green west saying “ENERGY TEAM” on the back. The team will wear the west when performing “ENERGY WASTE WALK” meaning looking for areas to improve.

Identified areas with improvement potential will after a “ENERGY WASTE WALK” be prioritized by the ENERGY TEAM and handled in a very structured way using the “ENERGY MANAGEMENT BOARD”