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Meet Petru

…and get to know about, how an in-to-the-bone salmon-lover runs a production department

Ever wondered, what our 400 employees are keeping their hands busy with? Well, it would be a long story, if we should tell you about them all. Although we would love to do so.

But, we’ll give you a story about one. One, who’s like a fish in water, when he’s making his way round the production department. And one who’s heart really beats for good quality salmon.

Petru Nistor is his name, and he has been with us for a quite a while – 4,5 years to be precise. He started as a line worker, and since then he’s been working his way up to become our Line Manager for Filleting.

A lot of Petrus work consists of touring the filleting department, so we thought, why not ask him, to bring us on his next inspection? And so, we did. 

So now… Welcome to the guided tour of the filleting department
We meet Petru at 6.45 am, where his first production tour starts.

Petru, take it away:

“On these tours my job is to check the fish, the salt protocol and to make sure, that all of our production lines are running smoothly.”

Petru showing of his pure love for the salmon

We stop by the filleting packing machine, where Petru does a thorough check to conclude that it runs without problems.

As we move on, Petru stops several times to talk with his colleagues – and not only about the assignments.

“I take time to chat with the people on my team, about great and small. I believe, that their wellbeing is extremely important to the company – and well, at least it is important to me.”

Petru talking with the workers, on one of his many daily tours in the filleting department

Now it’s 7.20 am, and it’s time for some meetings in the filleting department. 
The first one is a quality meeting, where Petru and some of the employees discuss samples and tests of the products. Next one is a meeting where todays assignments are being discussed. And finally, a meeting to talk about the current situations and finding new ways to improve and optimize the production process.

These 3 meetings are all implemented by Petru, as he saw it as a great way to optimize the flow and communication in his department.

Assignments being discussed in one of the 3 daily meetings in the department

After this Petru has a meeting with the leaders from other departments. And while he was doing that, we took the time to talk to some of his colleagues…

Petru – The guy with the big smile.
He has a very positive mindset, easy smiles, and although he doesn’t make any compromises, there is still room for jokes and relaxed humor. He is religious in a good way, that has made him a strong believer, but just for safety, he always has a plan B ready. Petru is busy, but there is no stress around him.

When we meet up with Petru again, we tell him, what his colleagues said about him.
…and of course, he returns with a smile;

“Well, I believe that we need to be humble and focus on the good things around us, not on the bad. But with that being said, I can also be strict – if I have to”, he laughs.

And that is pretty much the end of our tour. Rest of Petrus day goes with planning for tomorrow and tackling eventual problems – and then of course the touring of the department, which he does once every hour, every day. We’ll say by for now, and let him do, what he does best. And then all there is left to say is, that if you ever get the chance to stop by our place, then do, and ask for Petru – cause the in-to-the-bone-salmon-lover is really one of a kind. And a good one.

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