Purity Salmon
As pure as it gets. Our premium brand of carefully selected salmon, fully traceable, sustainable and without additives.


It all starts with the farmers


Up in the far north of Norway, due north of the polar circle, you’ll find Astafjord; an incredibly beautiful place created by Mother Nature herself. Besides being the home of some nature-loving native Norwegians, Astafjord is also the home of two salmon farmers, who breed some very fine salmon in the most sustainable way possible.

Just another lovely sunrise above the cold Nordic waters of Astafjord where Vegas Purity salmons live

There’s farmers. And then there’s Vegas farmers
The cold temperatures of the waters in Astafjord makes the perfect conditions for breeding salmon. So that’s a good start. But, the salmon farming all starts with… you probably guessed it, right? The farmers, obviously.  

They must be very dedicated, skilled – and yeah, you could say, they have to have a special mindset. Guess, you can imagine, it takes his man to live with the responsibility, that comes along with farming salmon with a 100% traceability.  

Luckily, Vega found some people, who were able to live up to that.  

Ever wondered, what a fish farm looks like?

Need proof? Okay, continue reading 
Kleiva Fiskefarm and Grantang Laks is the name of the two farms, who breed salmon for Vegas Purity line. They have been working together closely since the 90’s, so they have had some time collaborating on, how to breed such good salmon. But let’s get personal; Marius Arvesen and Tore Lundberg and their families are the people behind it all – and the two men are daily leaders of each their salmon-farm. It has become kind of a family-business for both, since both farms has a representation of family members amongst the staff, which is a good thing for two reasons: The working family members possess a huge build-for-generations-knowledge about fish farming – and Marius and Tore get to spend time with their loved ones, while at work. Guess that love of hard work and delicious fish is inherent.

The without-a-doubt most important job for Marius and Tore 
…is to make sure that the breeding of the salmon is according to a well-defined specification and the high Vega-standards. But it’s also important, that the farmers have some good values. And that’s where Marius and Tore stands out – they’ve even written their own set of values. Here goes:

  • Clean food-production demands clean environment
  • Our production sites are clean and shall remain clean
  • All production is based on a mutual understanding of sustainability

As you can tell, they have a lot of respect for the environment, and puts an honor in farming in the most sustainable way possible.

With this view from their “office”, you truly understand why Tore and Marius cares so much about protecting our nature

Welfare for the fish – and you! 
Furthermore, they care for both yours and the salmon’s general health, which is why Marius and Tore has made a special range of extra pure salmon (The Vega Purity Salmon), which is bred under even more strict principles:

  • To only feed the salmon with a unique specified sustainable feed with no GMO and artificial colour – good for you
  • To only breed in copper free low-density sea cages – good for our fishy friends

A lot of love for the locals 
Okay, so we’ve talked about the dedication and high standards, the environmental responsibility and caring for the fish and people’s health. So now they have done their job more than good, those farmers, you’d think? But there’s more; Besides all the above mentioned, Marius and Tore also cares a lot about the local society. As a proof of that, they reinvest their profits locally to develop their business and create more jobs around. That’s pure local love, don’t you think?

Track your salmon all the way back to Marius and Tore 
There’s so much more to tell about the two lovely farmers and their people up north, but let’s save them for another good time of some storytelling.

But if you want to meet the farmers again, you can sort of do that, with the Salmon Passport, which you’ll find on all Vega Purity salmons. Pretty simple, it lets you track the salmon in your hand all the way back to the specific farming location – just by some clicks on your mobile device. You can read much more about that – and the farms – at

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