Purity Salmon
As pure as it gets. Our premium brand of carefully selected salmon, fully traceable, sustainable and without additives.


to nature

Vega Salmon is a high-end Danish salmon processor on a mission to
deliver tasty and natural seafood from the Nordic waters to the world.

We see ourselves as a partner for business, people and planet. Throughout the value chain we conduct a zero-tolerance policy in terms of quality, food safety and sustainability. We collaborate with our suppliers, the farms and the harvest stations, to improve standards and get even closer to nature – day by day.

We process high-quality products for retailers, wholesalers, food service and food industry all over the world. Our products are sold under private-label brands and our own Vega brands – and in all our partnerships we strive to be a genuine partner for profit.

Jakob Graasbøll Enemark

CEO, Vega Salmon

Superior quality at all times

Day 0

Fresh fish is harvested in ocean farms.

Day 2 - 3

The raw material is delivered in the morning at our factory as soon as 2-3 days after the harvest.

Day 4

The processing of our fresh products is highly efficient and takes 10-12 hours, so they can be ready for shipping the same evening.

Day 5

In that way, customers anywhere in the world can enjoy tasty salmon as soon as 5 days after harvest in the Atlantic.

Taking salmon processing to the next level

Taking salmon processing to the next level

Top level certifications and specifications